Yellowone Handsafe™

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Yellowone Handsafe (YHS)?


YHS is easy to use and you can have it with you everywhere and when you need it. It operates easily with one hand and with two pumps, you’ll have a default alcogel substance that is needed to disinfect your hands and wrists correctly according to hand hygiene experts.


Why is YHS single use?


YHS is single use due to the safety and health regulation issue. Patient and product safety are main priorities for the design of YHS. It must meet the highest golden standard and a product that everyone can trust and count on. With this construction It won’t be safe if it’s re-fillable.


Why alcogel instead of liquid alcohol?


The alcogel is slightly thicker than liquid alcohol, which is easier to control once it lands on the hand palms and therefore no dripping on the floor. Also, our alcogel is added glycerin (glycol) for keeping the hands smooth and moist during the day.


Is the alcogel tested and approved by health authority?


Yes, it is CEI approved by Statens Serum Institut (DK) and holds a EN 1500 for use in healthcare sector and in general public.


Why only 75 ml content?


YHS is a supplement to the wall-mounted dispensers – therefore, 75 ml is enough for a 8-hour shift based on a WHO calculation for the average time and amount of hand expected to be executed per shift. Moreover, the 75 ml is the perfect amount taken the ergonomically aspect of the user into account – the more volume the heavier the staff has to carry – because they also carry other things in their pockets.


Why at least 3 ml of alcogel is crucial for correct hand hygiene compliance?


3 ml has been proven by several international studies and experts to be ideal for covering both hands and wrists for 30 sec. despites vary hand sizes.


Can the spigot or tap of the top part be exposed for contamination during use?


No, because the alcogel is a disinfectant agent and protects the spigot or tap against bacteria and fungus during use.


Can children use YHS?


It is safe for children to use under supervision of an adult. No perfume added nor any other scents that could lead to allergy. It contains glycerine that softens the skin and therefore extremely mild in use for both children and. But limit the use to situations where you don’t have access to soap and water.


Should I clean my bottle during the use-period?


To optimize safe hygiene, you can clean it once a day with disinfection wipes or water and soap.


Can YHS be re-filled?


No, due to the health and safety issue. All the parts will be contaminated if the product is disassembled by user. We urge people not to try this at home as it will give false security concerning infection prevention as a whole.


What should I do with the empty bottle?


After use it can be recycled according to local regulations. All plastic parts are recyclable.